Kono + Kylie + Kenai

Influencer Spotlight with @kono_in_orlando

Hi! We are Kylie (10 years old), Kono (4 years old), & Kenai (10 months old) from Orlando, Florida! We love to share our many adventures on Instagram! Since we are always on the go with our humans, WeatherTech helps our pack stay clean and minimize messes! From trips to the hospital and nursing homes as a therapy dog team, to muddy hikes and salty, sandy beach days - our cars and coats stay protected! 
"You guys know how much we love traveling and going on adventures - we’re always on the go together! So when our parents got a new Golden-Mobile, doggy-proofing was a top priority! Our kind friends at WeatherTech made sure we were outfitted with the best floor mats for our new vehicle. No matter what we’re doing or where we’re going, from hiking to beach days, these durable mats can take it all! So where should we go next?"  

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