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How to Stay Organized at Home and in Your Car

Monica Brady, organizational guru/wizard and TikTok star, shares some of her expert organization tips and how WeatherTech helps her stay clean and organized.

Everyone has their own take on how to keep their homes and cars organized. Monica Brady takes it up a notch and her 3.7 million TikTok followers are here for it. Monica lives in a small farm town in upper mid-Michigan with her husband, Mark, their three young girls, Peyton, Aubree and Liberty, and their fur baby, Penny! Monica’s cleaning and organization skills have brought in a huge audience for her across her social media channels. We asked Monica to share a little bit about her skills and how WeatherTech products are able to help!

What is your favorite WeatherTech product?

The FloorLiners! They are an absolute must for any vehicle. As soon as I purchase a new vehicle, they are the first thing I buy!

winter boots on weathertech floorliner

How have your WeatherTech products helped your car stay clean and organized?

With living in Michigan, the winters here are brutal. WeatherTech products have helped keep our new Chevrolet Suburban looking amazing! They are great for keeping beach sand, dirt and moisture off the carpets and the leather seats.

What made you want to get into "Organization Tok"?

I’ve been organized since childhood! My friends and family would tell me all the time that I should post on social media about it. One day I took their advice and posted a TikTok about my laundry organization and it went mega viral, getting almost 20 million views. After that, I just consistently posted about cleaning and organization and now I have 3.7 million TikTok followers and a little over 200,000 on Instagram. I feel very blessed to have the amazing support from my followers.

laundry room with washer and dryer

What is your favorite type of organization/cleaning?

My favorite is definitely organizing the kitchen and the car (in the warm months). I find cleaning to be very therapeutic. Nothing beats going to bed with a clean kitchen every night!

What is your favorite organization/cleaning gadget?

I love my fridge organization bins! They help keep things functional and categorized.

fully stocked refrigerator

What are three tips to keeping your car organized while driving kids around?

  1. Every time you get out of your vehicle, take all the trash out with you.
  2. Keep protective mats on the floor to prevent bad smells as they keep the carpets dry.
  3. Keep your vehicle in your regular weekly cleaning schedule. It deserves love and attention too!
child car seat protector installed in car weathertech cargo liner installed in car

Be sure to check out Monica and her amazing organization skills on TikTok and Instagram! You can find her accounts linked below.

TikTok: @midwesternmama29 | Instagram: midwesternmama29

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