BumpStep: Put to the Test, and Customers Approve

Hitch Mounted Step and Bumper Protection

The WeatherTech BumpStep is a trailer hitch mounted bumper protector that defends your bumper against rear end accidents, dents and scratches. Now you may be thinking, that all sounds great, but does it really work? Our BumpSteps are designed to allow them to flex when hit, taking the brunt of any impact. Sound too good to be true? Below our customers share their experiences with this Made in USA product. 

WeatherTech Customers Share Their BumpStep Stories & Photos 

I bought this product for this exact reason. I had seen many people get rear ended in the DC area and I did not want to be a victim. -Kenneth W. 
I parked my Jeep in a gas station/U-Haul rental place driveway. And went in to rent a U-Haul. Out of the corner of my eye I see one of the mechanics backing out of the garage pretty fast right for the back of my car. He slammed right into my WeatherTech BumpStep. The BumpStep didn't make it, but not a scratch on my car. Thank you WeatherTech. -Russell B.

 More from our customers:

Driving through Chattanooga, TN I was rear ended by an F-350 truck - no damage to my vehicle but considerable damage to the trucks front bumper. BumpStep really proved it's worth. I highly recommend it. Great product! -Bob Y.
My wife was rear ended. I was distressed until she got back and saw that only the BumpStep was damaged. I can't say the same for the other vehicle. I will be buying another one to replace it. -Rich W.
I use the BumpStep every time I wash my vehicle. I also like the premise of it being a first line defender of the bumper. While I don't look forward to another vehicle damaging my BumpStep; I at least like that there is a chance that my Pathfinder will be protected. It is very practical gear for your tow hitch when you are not towing anything. I recommend this product! -Brian K.