America At Work - 2015 Super Bowl® Commercial

It’s who we are. It’s what we do, every day. It is our present, and it will continue to be our future. We are WeatherTech®; we are America at Work.

We’ve set out to share more of the WeatherTech® story with you, continuing from our debut during last year’s game. All individuals featured in our commercial are actual WeatherTech® employees, even our Founder’s Golden Retriever, Scout. We also filmed the entire commercial in our factory and in the surrounding Chicagoland area. We take pride in who we are as a company and are honored to share our message with you.


American Workers, American Factories and American Raw Materials

We continue to build. We continue to grow. And we continue to prove the skeptics wrong.
It can be done in America – we’re doing it every day.


Take a look behind the scenes on the production of the 2015 Big Game Commercial: America At Work


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