AlloyCover Testimonials

Very Impressed!

Name: Steve Specht
Vehicle: 2014 Ford F-150

I'm extremely impressed with this cover!! This is a replacement for a Bakflip G2 that only lasted 4 years before it delaminated and absorbed water in the panels. I use my truck every day for work and often have expensive tools stowed in the bed, and the WeatherTech Alloy cover is far superior in quality and security. They also payed attention when designing this cover. The other fold up covers on the market (Bakflip etc...) that rest against the rear of the cab when using the whole pickup bed for large items block your entire view of whats in back, and if your going any distances will also rub the paint on the cab even though they have rubber snubbers. So you can't see if everything is staying secured, unless you pull over to inspect your load. Trust me, it's nerve racking to not be able to see out the back with something big in back. Also to remove the other covers you have to unbolt the assembly from underneath, and the do the same to reattach. Total pain in the butt! To remove the Alloy Cover you simply release the locking mechanism by pulling the cord and presto, the whole cover lifts up and off!! I stow it sideways alongside the bed when hauling large items and when I'm done, simply click it back into place. Lastly, you can close your tailgate with the cover down which you cannot do with the G2, and let me tell you thats a HUGE improvement! I can't tell you how many times I had to stop someone from damaging the Bakflip by shutting my tailgate before lifting the over up. So my advice if you thinking of buying a hard cover, spend a little extra up front for the WeatherTech AlloyCover.


Name: Gary in Indy
Vehicle: 2019 GMC Sierra / Sierra Denali 2500HD / 3500HD

Purchase for my GMC Sierra and very pleased with the product. I did replace the Clamps that secure the unit on. Drilled 8 holes and used stainless bolts (easy to do and took 30 mins). Side liners are now much more secure and don’t move. I have noticed any leaking at all. Thought I’d miss my avalanche but not at all! Hope this helps your decision

Great Bedcover, Would buy again

Name: Brian Kazda
Vehicle: 2014

Purchased after my previous cover, the undercover flex, leaked at every seam. This cover installed quickly, is very low profile and has a nice sleek look. Yesterday was the first rain this cover has seen and after about 12 hours of hard rain here in Illinois, my bed was perfectly dry. The price is a bit more than competitors such as the bakflips or undercovers, but it is attached to the weather tech brand and they definitely produce a quality product. I am not one to write reviews but felt the need to write this one. Great Product, would buy again and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid tri-fold bed cover that doesn't leak

2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn Alloy Cover

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2019 Dodge Ram Truck 1500

First testimonial ever.. Alloy Cover is a Awesome and works on my new 2019 Dodge 1500 Big Horn. Open up the box, took 10 minutes to read and plan the rail instillation. Another 10 minutes to install the rails. 5 minutes to install the cover and now weeks of loving my investment. Looks great, functions even better. Tight, Strong and no rattling... finished off the look and performance I was looking for. Top Quality.

WeatherTech bed cover foiled the break-in attempt!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I purchased a hard tri-fold bed cover within the past year. My wife felt that the hard cover would be the best choice for us to protect whatever items we would have stored during our travels pulling a small Airstream travel trailer. She said that a soft top cover or roll-up cover could be cut with a knife and wouldn’t afford much protection from a crime of opportunity. Our most recent trip was a three week trip to Arizona from Indiana. On our way to AZ, we stayed one night in El Paso. Before we drove to the camp site, we stopped at a Wal-Mart in El Paso. The parking lot was packed so we had to park far away from the store entry. We were in the store about 30 minutes, got back into the truck, and then drove on to the camp site. While setting up the Airstream for the evening, I noticed pry marks all along the hard rubber trim on the top edge of the tailgate. The marks appear to have been made by a large flat head screw driver and there were about 20 marks altogether. The good news was that the damage was minor and confined to the trim piece of the tailgate. The best news was that the WeatherTech bed cover foiled the break-in attempt as nothing was missing from the truck bed. The hard tri-fold bed cover proved to be a great choice for us. I recommend it to anyone who plans to travel and use the truck bed for additional storage.