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All-Purpose MatMulti-use mat for everyday living

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Life can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be. The WeatherTech All-Purpose Mat is a must-have for anyone looking to minimize everyday messes and headaches. Protect your property from spills, drops, accidents, leaks and more. Made in America using the same heavy-duty, high-quality material as our WeatherTech Floor Mats, the WeatherTech All-Purpose Mat helps keep life a little neater. Read More Product Information

Part Number: APM4044B
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Product Information

All-Purpose Mat

The WeatherTech All-Purpose Mat was created to give you the ultimate protection for everyday living. It’s perfect for your garage, kitchen, outdoor grilling area and more! The mat features a raised outer lip that collects and contains spills, drops, liquids, dirt and more, making messes a breeze to clean up. The sloping outer edge also acts as a dust pan, allowing you to sweep any outside debris onto the mat for a quick cleanup. That same sloping edge also makes the All-Purpose Mat ideal for use under heavy equipment, like a lawnmower, snow blower, grill or even a children’s high chair. Simply roll them right onto the mat and you’re set. Designed and manufactured here in America, the All-Purpose Mat is made using the same high-quality and heavy-duty material used to create our industry leading vehicle Floor Mats.

All-Purpose Mat is perfect for use:

  • Under a high chair
  • In your garage for vehicle maintenance
  • Under a dog kennel, cat litter box, bird cage and/or aquarium
  • Under stacked firewood
  • Under lawn equipment: lawnmower, chainsaw, leaf blower, snow blower and more
  • Under a plant watering or potting station
  • As a children’s play mat
  • Under a workshop or hobby area
  • Under a water cooler
  • Under a hot tub or landing on a deck
  • Under a washer or dryer
  • Inside a yard shed
  • Many more!

All-Purpose Mat Features:

  • Raised outer lip catches and contains spills, drops, leaks and more!
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Heavy-duty and high-quality material can stand up to whatever you throw at it
  • Sloped outer edge allows heavier equipment to be easily rolled onto the mat
  • Made in America
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