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Product: Side Window Deflectors

Vehicle: Toyota 2013 Tacoma

Part Number: 82389

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Side Window Deflectors

WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors offer fresh air enjoyment with an original equipment look, installing within the window channel.  They are crafted from the finest 3mm acrylic material available. Installation is quick and easy, with no exterior tape needed.

WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors are precision-machined to perfectly fit your vehicle.  These low profile window deflectors help to reduce wind noise and allow interior heat to escape.  Our light tinted Side Window Deflectors are the only deflectors in the world made with a D.O.T. (U.S. Department of Transportation) approved glazing material.  Available in light and dark tint for most vehicles.

Side Window Deflectors Offer:

  • Maximum fresh air enjoyment
  • Optically transparent
  • OEM quality
  • Sleek aerodynamic styling
  • Reduced wind noise
  • Installed inside the window channel
  • No unsightly exterior tape
  • Minimizes interior heat when parked
  • Helps keep side windows dry in the rain
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Name Dennis v Vehicle 2013 Ford F-150 Product Side Window Deflectors
on my fifth set of deflectors on 5 different vehicles.Problem with on window was taken care of in one day, this is the best customer service I have seen in years. Thanks Weathertech
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2007 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
Mounting under the rubber instead of over the door frame is great. This option preserves the natural lines of my truck doors & windows and accents the tinted windows. I have received numerous compliments and I always ensure I tell folks to buy the real deal...WeatherTech. Now on to my new All-Weather floor mats!
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2009 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
I ordered these and a lady named Jennifer in Customer service worked hard when they were on Back order to get them to me. After receiving them installation was a simple success, they went in smooth making them the easiest accesory to install on my truck. Thank you Weather Tech for manufactoring these and give Jennifer a reward for her great customer service that made my day with a smile. Thank you for reading Tom larson
Name Jim Bonner Vehicle 2002 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
When you product arrived I watched your video on how to install the deflectors and couldn't believe how fast and simple they went on! I said, "That actor had to have a lot of practice!" Well, I was wrong! Less than 10 minutes and all 4 were in place and they look (and work) great! Thanks for a great product with simple instructions. I will be telling everyone about your company.
Name John Dey Vehicle 2001 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
Ordered your Side Window Deflectors for my 2001 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner 2-dr. What a great product! No tape, no screws and it took me all of 30 seconds to install both of them. The industry needs more vendors like you guys. Thanks again, John Dey
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2011 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
Every vehicle I have owned for the past 10 years has ended up with WeatherTech products installed: from wind deflectors to all-weather mats to bug deflectors. My new Tacoma is no exception. Just put on wind deflectors and all-weather mats, which were about $200 than those installed by the dealers. My 2007 Tundra Limited is similarly equipped. Love the ease of installation of your products, the durability and most of all the price!
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
Back in 1998 , while living in rainy Washington state, we purchased a new Toyota Tacoma pickup. Within days we knew we needed window deflectors to prevent rain dripping in when the windows were slightly open. A friend INSISTED we purchase the Weather Tech brand because of the custom fit. We were thrilled & over the years recommended them to all our friends. Fast forward. We just traded that same 1998 Toyota Tacoma in on a new double cab Tacoma. We hadn't even driven it off the lot before my husband stated" as soon as we get home, get on the internet & order our window deflectors" We now need them to deflect dust. Yes, we are loyal .. but that is because your products have the quality that we have come to expect. Of course the fit was PERFECT ... with quality materials & without sticky adhesives. They make the addition look custom. & it is so nice that the windows can be left slightly open, for ventilation, without the fear of someone breaking in.. as the fit is such a part of the window... not just a stick on. Thank you .
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2007 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
Bought a pair of AVS deflectors, but wind whistled in around them. Took them off and bought Weather Tech deflectors. Much more stylish, no wind noise and overall they just look better. No flared edge.
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2007 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
Not only do they make my truck look better,when I park to go into a store I do not have roll the windows all the way up. So now I am looking at getting a pair for our car.
Name Anonymous Vehicle 1998 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
My most recent purchase of the window deflectors was for the Toyota PU we just bought to help save a little money on gas on our daily short trips around home. We already have them on my '01 GMC Sierra pick up and my wife's '04 Lincoln LS. These things are a must for smokers when it rains. Even for non smokers, you can crack the window without rain driping in. But another great feature is when the vehicle is parked in this Georgia heat, you can leave the window cracked open a little without worry. This sure helps keep the temperature down inside the vehicle. The deflectors will not only make it very difficult to break in through a cracked window; you can not tell the window isn't completely closed without a very close inspection. I may have gotten a little wordy here but I can't say enough good things about this product. Oh and these are so much nicer than the stick-on type. I had the stick-on type on my truck when I saw yours on-line. I ordered them and was very glad I did. So when we bought my wife's Linclon, the first thing I did was order a set for her car.

WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase.  Exclusions to this warranty are wear due to severe abrasive conditions and chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, etc.  We are reasonable people and we believe in customer satisfaction. Depending on the situation, we will either replace your Side Window Deflectors at no charge or charge you a prorated amount for a replacement.

Side Window Deflectors Instructional Video Side Window Deflectors Instructional Video