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Product: Side Window Deflectors

Vehicle: Toyota 2002 Avalon

Part Number: 82260

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Side Window Deflectors

WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors offer fresh air enjoyment with an original equipment look, installing within the window channel.  They are crafted from the finest 3mm acrylic material available. Installation is quick and easy, with no exterior tape needed.

WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors are precision-machined to perfectly fit your vehicle.  These low profile window deflectors help to reduce wind noise and allow interior heat to escape.  Our light tinted Side Window Deflectors are the only deflectors in the world made with a D.O.T. (U.S. Department of Transportation) approved glazing material.  Available in light and dark tint for most vehicles.

Side Window Deflectors Offer:

  • Maximum fresh air enjoyment
  • Optically transparent
  • OEM quality
  • Sleek aerodynamic styling
  • Reduced wind noise
  • Installed inside the window channel
  • No unsightly exterior tape
  • Minimizes interior heat when parked
  • Helps keep side windows dry in the rain
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Name Anonymous Vehicle 2002 Honda Civic Product Side Window Deflectors
I was referred to this site on a forum and decided to order a set of the side window deflectors because the site looked well built and the visors looked great in the pics (not to mention they're half the cost of the OEM Honda visors!). When they came i was ecstatic! They shipped super fast and went on so easily, and they instantly improved the look of my car. THANK YOU WEATHERTECH!!!
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2007 Toyota Avalon Product Side Window Deflectors
I have a Toyota Avalon Touring, love the car but the only color the interior is available in is black. As you can imagine this makes the car very hot during the summer in Hot-Lanta (Atlanta). I checked to make sure the vent shades were available before I purchased the car. Now I leave the windows down and because of the vent shades I don't have to worry about a passing afternoon thunder storm.
Name Anonymous Vehicle 1996 Toyota Avalon Product Side Window Deflectors
This early edition Avalon has the aero-dynamics that literally allow the rain to come straight down on the arm rests and arm rest controls; when the windows are cracked enough for drive-thrus or smoke expulsion. With WeatherTech side window deflectors - problem solved. My wife installed these in 2 minutes; and they match the tinted windows! Also, they add to the looks of the car. Best after market idea, I've ever used.
Name Jim Bonner Vehicle 2002 Toyota Tacoma Product Side Window Deflectors
When you product arrived I watched your video on how to install the deflectors and couldn't believe how fast and simple they went on! I said, "That actor had to have a lot of practice!" Well, I was wrong! Less than 10 minutes and all 4 were in place and they look (and work) great! Thanks for a great product with simple instructions. I will be telling everyone about your company.
Name Neil Rose Vehicle 2002 Honda Accord Product Side Window Deflectors
To the staff at MacNeil Automotive. I would like to thank you for your speedy handling of my order. I stumbled on your ad in a copy of Motor Trend while sitting in a doctor's office. I am thankful that I did, because I was looking high and low for Side Window Deflectors that would compliment the style of my 2002 Honda Accord Coupe. I received them yesterday and was and continue to be quite impressed in the high quality and style. I thank you and your staff once again for holding your standards at such a high quality.
Neil Rose
Name Richard Walther Vehicle 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Product Side Window Deflectors
Received the Side Window Deflectors for my 2002 Cavalier yesterday. Simple 30 second installation each window! Looks really good! My previous set of Side Window Deflectors were installed in a Ford van-based class C motorhome and made a tremendous reduction in the wind noise when the windows were open. This is a great product, no tapes, just snap in the channels.
Richard Walther
Name Ken Kwasniewski Vehicle 2002 Suzuki XL-7 Product Side Window Deflectors
Dear MacNeil Automotive Products,
I would like to applaud you on the excellent products you sell, in particular your WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors. I recently purchased them for my 2002 Suzuki XL-7. They fit like a glove and perform better than I anticipated. I like the custom look without the mounting tape your competitors use. Keep up the good work MacNeil.
Ken Kwasniewski
Name Everett Vehicle 2002 Ford Crown Victoria Product Side Window Deflectors
Hello, Back ordered Side Window Deflectors for my 02 Crown Vic LX Sport arrived today, one week eariler than you had stated on May 15th. Fantastic product, fit was exactly what I wanted, no outside lip to cover exterior of trim/rubber/door...etc. They look great and are non-obtrusive, you have to look hard to see them against the silver paint & tinted glass. It took longer to unpack, read instructions and watch video on website than it did to install all four. Am 100% sastisfied. If they hold tight and don't blow off when hitting 120 I will know for sure I bought the right product...Ha Ha Ha Thanks, Everett
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2002 Jeep Wrangler Product Side Window Deflectors
I can roll down the windows during the summer so the heat does not get so hot inside. And if it rains the inside does not get wet.So easy to install. Love them.Keep up the good work.
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2002 Nissan Maxima Product Side Window Deflectors
I absolutely love the sporty look that the Weathertech Side Window Deflectors give the car. I wanted something that looked good and was functional and these fit the bill completely! Definitely are worth the price and the install could not be simpler!!!

WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase.  Exclusions to this warranty are wear due to severe abrasive conditions and chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, etc.  We are reasonable people and we believe in customer satisfaction. Depending on the situation, we will either replace your Side Window Deflectors at no charge or charge you a prorated amount for a replacement.

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