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Pet Barrier

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2009 Subaru Forester Pet Barrier

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2009 Subaru Forester Product Pet Barrier
When I bought my 2009 forester, a high priority was a pet barrier for my chocolate lab. I purchased an inexpensive model at a local supply store. It looked cheap, didn't fit properly, took a long time to set up, and it rattled. I remembered seeing a WeaterTech ad in the back of a automotive magazine and decided to go for quality. I couldn't be happier. The barrier looks great, fits perfectly and doesn't rattle. The slide adjustment for width is such a simple concept yet effective. The WeaterTech barrier looks like it is a factory option and I am proud to have it in my new vehicle.

2002 Toyota Highlander Pet Barrier

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2002 Toyota Highlander Product Pet Barrier
My 6 month old lab puppy loves to find every mud puddle when we hike and hit the dog park. Fortunately a splash through the river gets her back to being a yellow lab instead of chocolate. Thanks to the pet barrier and floor mats for letting me load up a wet muddy mess and not destroy the car!

2008 Toyota RAV4 Pet Barrier

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Toyota RAV4 Product Pet Barrier
As soon as I brought my new 2008 Rav4 home from the dealer, I went online to weathertech.com and ordered myself a pet barrier for the back of my truck. My dog and I go on frequent car rides together, and in my old 2 door car he would bounce around in the back seat, which was very unsafe. Now that I have the pet barrier, he is safely confined to my back trunk space and is unable to climb over the seats. The pet barrier is very sturdy and keeps my dog and my leather seats safe!