One and only

Name: Michelle
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Corolla

Typical rainguards are honestly hideous accessories on any car, however, the sleek look and fit of WeatherTech surprised all of my non-believing friends. It was easy to install and looks like a part of my car. Again, looks very sleek and smooth. Sooo worth the price, no other rainguard from any retail store will come close to how these look and feel.


Name: RobbyHull
Vehicle: 2016 Chevrolet Colorado


Excellent fit and look

Name: Scott E
Vehicle: 2006 Ford Mustang

The Factory Ford mats tore up the factory carpet to the point where the hook would no longer remain in the carpet. This allowed for the floor mat to move. I fixed the hook before installing the new WeatherTech Floor liners which arrived today. I ordered them on xmas day (gift from wife) and choose Standard Shipping. The floormats fit so well they do not move with or without the hook in the floor. Also I went with gray instead of black as the interior of the car is already dark enough.

Looks Great and Easy install

Name: Paul Marshalek
Vehicle: 2000 ALL UNIVERSAL

I was looking for the right floor for my new home and Tech Floor just fit the job perfectly. The design team at the Factory Store was helpful and very knowledgeable. They helped me work out the design, material pricing and delivery. I put the floor down with my wife in less than 4 hours. It took a tape measure, rubber mallet and circular saw to trim a few tiles. My friends say it looks like a custom auto shop. I still put down some protection when dirty jobs are going on in the space just to protect my investment. Cleans up with soap and water, the Weathertech cleaner takes care of stubborn stains when necessary. I love the floor and the customer service is the best. Thanks Weathertech .

Just what we needed

Name: Laura
Vehicle: 2000 ALL UNIVERSAL

We recently had our floors refinished and certainly didn't want the Christmas tree stand resting on the ground without a barrier - we came across the WeatherTech tree mat and are pleasantly surprised with the quality of the mat. It appears to be made of a very strong rubber-like material, so we have no concerns with anything puncturing it and scratching our floor. It's also odorless, so we can still enjoy that lovely evergreen scent from the tree. Given its A+ performance with the heavy Christmas tree, we plan to use it year round with our other plants. Chalk this up as a win!