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MudFlap No-Drill DigitalFit®

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2008 Chevrolet Silverado MudFlap No-Drill DigitalFit®

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Chevrolet Silverado Product MudFlap No-Drill DigitalFit®
It's been over ten years since I purchased a new truck and I wanted to keep the new one looking new as long as possible. I felt the most severe damage done on the old one was due to mud and stones being slung by the tires all over the sides of the truck so I decided that I would protect the new one with mud flaps. Problem now was finding one where I did not have to drill into the sides of the fenders to mount. That's when I found Weather Tech and purchased a set. Can't believe how easily they mounted. And how secure and well they fit and look on the truck. I believe that was the best purchase I could have made for my truck and they should keep it new looking for a long time.

2008 GMC Sierra / Sierra Denali MudFlap No-Drill DigitalFit®

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 GMC Sierra / Sierra Denali Product MudFlap No-Drill DigitalFit®
Since I work hard for my money I always do a lot of research before purchasing a product. After looking at every other Flap on the market I decided to go with the WeatherTech Digital Fit No-Drill Mud Flap. The shipping was fast and the product was exactly as described. The installation was simple it took less than an hour and the directions were very easy to follow. They fit and looked great on my new truck, I even had a guy think that they were factory installed and standard on the truck because of the snug fit. They performed excellent keeping all debris contained I did not have to worry about damage to my new truck. The thing that impressed me the most was when I took my truck off road. I got a little too brave and buried my truck up to the frame in some old ruts. When I got out to assess the situation I found the mud flaps bent almost in half from the weight of the truck against the mud, I thought oh no I just ruined my new mud flaps. But after a good washing to my surprise I could not even tell they had been bent absolutely no damage to the fender or the flaps. At that point I was convinced that MacNeil Automotive knows how to make a great high quality product that is well worth the money.