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FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®

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2013 Nissan Frontier FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®

Name Natalie Smith Vehicle 2013 Nissan Frontier Product FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®
I was initially looking for some all weather mats to protect the carpet in my MB GLK350. After a lot of research, I found these WeatherTech mats and I love them...clean up is son easy and they look great in my MB. I also bought the side window deflectors. When I got my new Nissan Frontier truck, I right away ordered the digital fit floor liners, side window deflectors, and bug/stone deflector from WeatherTech. I can't wait for them all to get here so I can install them. They make an awesome product and I even convinced a family member to invest in the side window deflectors and floor liners after they saw how good they look on my Mercedes...next step is the bug/stone deflector...lol. Keep up the good work WeatherTech!

2010 Nissan Frontier FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®

Name Dennis Moroney Vehicle 2010 Nissan Frontier Product FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®
Installed the front/back mats in my 2010 Frontier crew cab. They fit and did the job perfectly. Carpet is still in factory new condition 3-1/2 yrs later. Transferred the same mats to my new 2014 Frontier. They fit without a hitch and I and expect to put the mats through the same abuse for many more years. 5 star rating.

2012 Toyota RAV4 FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®

Name Kim McRee Vehicle 2012 Toyota RAV4 Product FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®
Just got my digital fit floor liners in and they are installed. It was raining today and they have saved my carpet in my new Rav4!! GREAT PRODUCT!!

2007 Dodge Ram Truck (DEFUNCT) FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®

Name Dave sweet Vehicle 2007 Dodge Ram Truck (DEFUNCT) Product FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®
I live out in the country and have a lot of dirt and barn "stuff" around here. I bought the floor liners for my dully dodge and I love them. Much easier to keep the floors clean and dry. Take them out and dump the dirt, throw them back in and I am done the road. I just ordered a set for my new Chevy SUV to save the carpets on that one as well. I love the fact that they are madw in the USA.

2013 Subaru Legacy FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®

Name Joseph A. DiNardo Vehicle 2013 Subaru Legacy Product FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®
Just installed the floor liners in my Subaru this is the second set of liners for my automobiles. They fit perfectly, great coverage and I am VERY happy with the floor liners. We spend $30,000 or more for a car and then don't spend another $200.00 to protect something we worked hard to purchase.Doesn't it make sense to protect our investment? GREAT product keep up the fine work Weather Tech

2012 Chevrolet Cruze FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®

Name Caitlin S. Vehicle 2012 Chevrolet Cruze Product FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®
These floor liners are perfect for PA winter weather! No more worrying about salt, snow, ice, etc. getting onto your floor & ruining your carpeting. I was skeptical of the "perfect fitting liners" -- but it's true! They fit perfectly & are wonderful! I tell everyone how great they are.