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Stone & Bug Deflector

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2008 Chevrolet Silverado Stone & Bug Deflector

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Chevrolet Silverado Product Stone & Bug Deflector
After getting the deal of a lifetime on my new Chevy Silverado 2500HD, I wanted to make sure my new truck wouldn't be damaged by bugs and rocks. So, I bought the best and though this is a pic before installation, I assure everyone it is on the truck and doing the best job ever! My new truck is an awesome tow vehicle for my racecar trailer. My trailer carries my American Sedan Camaro to SCCA Club racing events so I can have a blast driving it on the track and competing wheel to wheel!

2005 Ford Freestyle Stone & Bug Deflector

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2005 Ford Freestyle Product Stone & Bug Deflector
My car takes a beating from the salt trucks and the occasional contractor's truck that drops a few pieces of gravel. I had to take my Freestyle to the body shop to get the hood refinished after seeing stone chips and corrosion on the leading edge. The shop manager said "It would be wise to get a stone and bug deflector". That left only one choice for me: WeatherTech. I didn't waste any time looking elsewhere because I knew I would find the right solution at WeatherTech. Right out of the box, I knew I made the right decision. The WeatherTech Stone & Bug Deflector was a custom-fit for my Freestyle, and installation took just few minutes. I really looks great, and I am confident that I will be protected from flying stones and insects. My next purchase will be WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors.

2007 Chevrolet Avalanche Stone & Bug Deflector

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche Product Stone & Bug Deflector
I finally decided to add a deflector to my Avalance as it was getting quite a number of stone chips in the hood. Having good results with WeatherTech products in the past and knowing of the quality products they provide I ordered and received the deflector - when I got the package open I noticed one of four soft nuts was missing. I called Customer Service and explained my problem and without any hassle the representative said .."we'll get a replacement fastener kit right out" and they did and about 10 minutes after starting the installation - it was done! Great product and service!

2008 Saturn Outlook Stone & Bug Deflector

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Saturn Outlook Product Stone & Bug Deflector
Chose the Outlook on basis of quality and style. I tow it behind our motorhome. Was looking for a stone deflector that blended with the vehicle styling. The price was good, the shipping time was extremly quick. The best part about it was the final look. Saturn look. Look as if it came on the Outlook. Very satisifed.

2008 Nissan Quest Stone & Bug Deflector

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Nissan Quest Product Stone & Bug Deflector
I bought a brand new 2008 fully loaded Quest on Monday, ordered the Stone & Bug shield along with the Side Window Deflectors on Tuesday. Received everything on Friday and went to the supermarket on Sunday. Granny stayed in the van with my son as he fell asleep so I left the windows cracked as it was pouring rain. Someone let a shopping cart roll from across teh lot and slammed into the van. Per granny, she said it hit hard so I checked the next day and not a scratch on the van. The Stone & Bug Deflector took the impact and I foud a slight scuff which I could only see when I was about 5 inches from the impact zone. I know this is where it hit because the shopping carts are red and it was a slightly red scuff. I took some window cleaner, rubbed it off and that was it. Thanks for saving my van with your Stone & Bug Deflector which I now know as a Stone, Bug & Shopping cart Deflector!

2008 Dodge Caliber Stone & Bug Deflector

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Dodge Caliber Product Stone & Bug Deflector
I absolutely love WeatherTech's Stone & Bug Deflector! I also have the WeatherTech Floorliners and would not go without them. These products are exceptional in fit and quality. Keep up the good work!