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Side Window Deflectors

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2005 Toyota Corolla Side Window Deflectors

Name Miranda Vehicle 2005 Toyota Corolla Product Side Window Deflectors
I feel that I have been ungratefull as I have not posted any review for the wind deflectors.Living in Miami it has been a huge difference since I got the four WD for my 2005 Corolla. Even in August and under the sun the car temperaturare has lower a lot when parked. And in Miami winter I just drive the car (city) with the windows open about 1/2 inch and I get the wind circulation with A/C turn off. I kept asking to myself why I hardly see any car in this hot and humid Miami with wind deflectors. Probably they don't even know they exist. Once again, thank you very much for a wonderful and useful product. Besides, the Corolla upholstery still looks like new as cabin temperatures are much lower. Be well and don;t hesitate in getting the four WD, moreover if you live in the South!!!

2013 Ford F-150 Side Window Deflectors

Name Dennis v Vehicle 2013 Ford F-150 Product Side Window Deflectors
on my fifth set of deflectors on 5 different vehicles.Problem with on window was taken care of in one day, this is the best customer service I have seen in years. Thanks Weathertech

2011 Toyota Prius Side Window Deflectors

Name John Vehicle 2011 Toyota Prius Product Side Window Deflectors
I like the deflectors and love WeatherTech as a company. The front ones installed easily. I had trouble with the rear ones. Resulted in the deflectors being chipped and cracked multiple times. WeatherTech was kind enough to replace them under warranty. Then I took the easy way and had the dealer install them. If I were to do it again I'd take the advise of others and install the clips after putting the deflector in the track.