Also works under a pet's dish!

Name: Thomas Shea
Vehicle: 2015 Ford Focus

My dog is a slob when it comes to meal time. I put the boot tray underneath her dishes, and now my floor is saved from the slop!

love this product

Name: nora fox
Vehicle: 2012 Honda Accord

I recently purchased a little black honda coupe. I had ordered the side window deflectors inline and nothing we bought fit on the inside tracks (there is chrome along the egdes of car). After emailing the representative he said they should work. My husband put them in in less time than it took for me to peek though my fingers( i was sure they wouldnt fit either)... They fit! They are beautiful and they dont ruin the look of the car and chrome. I love them and am so happy i made the leap and purchased. Thank you. You have made me a very happy woman and i will definitely use your company again!!!

Nice deflector and looks good!

Name: Bradford Turnow
Vehicle: 2015 Kia Soul

Overall very happy. It fit my 2015 Kia Soul + well. Note that it does cover the KIA logo on the hood. My only complaint was that the tape on one side was a little crooked and not even. It still went on well and I hope it helps protect my car. It comes with 4 small clear rubber "feet" that you are supposed to apply to the hood of your car. I did not and instead installed them on the back of the deflector itself. I wanted as little installed on my car as possible. I can't see the difference as to install them on the back of the deflector or the car itself. Overall I am happy and would buy again. No drilling required! Yeah! I got this along with the Weathertech carmats, cargo liner, and bump step. I am happy with the products. I do recommend the investment.

I love the way they look!

Name: Kim the Avon Lady
Vehicle: 2014 Toyota Camry

I worried that the summer heat coupled with the black interior of my car would damage the things I keep in my car and also my Avon orders on delivery days. So I decided to buy the rain guards. This is my third set of rain guards for as many vehicles (the first came on my Tacoma when I bought it, then I bought the second set for the Corolla I had). I was very pleased with the low profile and how closely they match the tint on my windows. 

Excellent product

Name: Roger Wheeler
Vehicle: 2015 Toyota Highlander

I always like to keep my driver and passenger windows cracked during the summer months to keep the interior of my vehicle cooler but can't tell you how many times a downpour came while I was away from the vehicle and you know the end of that story. I just got a new Highlander and was intrigued by these deflectors as they required no adhesives or other types of intrusive installation. I ordered a pair for my front driver and passenger windows and the installation was very easy and the fit is amazing!!! Great product at a great price. I highly recommend.

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