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LampGard® Headlight Protection

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2002 LampGard® Headlight Protection

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2002 Product LampGard® Headlight Protection
Your LampGards are simply fantastic! I have now put them on 7 different cars including my son's, two daughter's and a son's-in-laws cars. My new car came with dealer applied invisible bra over the headlights and after a few years the lens coverings were very yellow and foggy looking. Last week I painstakingly took off the old covernings and applied your LampGards. My headlights look perfectly clear and shiny again. The interesting part is that I also put your LampGards on my wife's X5 about 7 years ago (before I even bought my 2002 530i with the factory coverings). Your LampGards look as good on her X5 today as the day I put them on over 150,000 miles ago!

2009 Scion xB LampGard® Headlight Protection

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2009 Scion xB Product LampGard® Headlight Protection
You made ordering a cargo liner so easy, that I ordered the clear plastic headlight covers. The directions for their application was "right on". The orders were shipped promptly and exactly what I wanted. I will tell my friends about your superior service. Thank you.

2008 Toyota Tacoma LampGard® Headlight Protection

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Toyota Tacoma Product LampGard® Headlight Protection
I love the concept of this product since we have such a problem with gravel on the roads here in the winter time. The fog light covers went on without any problems. But the head lights were another issue. We struggled with the first one, especially when we got to the outside edges. My 2008 Tacoma has very contoured headlight covers. The second lamp cover went on perfectly. It’s been a couple of weeks now and both are starting to bubble up on the outside edges. I’m leaving them on for now because even with the creases along the edges, they are better than nothing. I’m waiting to put them on my wife’s new 4 Runner though. All the other Weather Tech products we have are exceptional.

2007 Subaru Outback LampGard® Headlight Protection

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2007 Subaru Outback Product LampGard® Headlight Protection
I first purchased these for my 2004 f-150 that I least for 3 years. In this mountain climate rocks and gravel wreak havoc on windshields and headlight lenses. After 3 years on my track the bumper and leading edge of the hood were heavily pitted, but the lens covers still look new and crystal clear! so I bought them for my '07 outback. Now, the Outback has a much more complex headlight design and I found that getting the cover positioned correctly a major challenge. The key to a successful install is using the solution method and proper heat and working your way from one side to the other, while carefully removing the small air pockets as you go. Mine took about 30 mins each to get right, but now they are invisible!

2008 Mazda MAZDA3 LampGard® Headlight Protection

Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Mazda MAZDA3 Product LampGard® Headlight Protection
Its been 9 days since I installed the lampgards. The ones for fog lights are okay but the headlights still is cloudy. Maybe because its still winter, I will wait a while. This is best installed during summer but I could not wait till then, I want my lights protected. I suggest weathertech includes instructions on removing the lampgards if it remains cloudy. By the way, I tried using hair dryer and it did not work.