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LampGard® Headlight Protection

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2006 Acura MDX LampGard® Headlight Protection

Name richard derry Vehicle 2006 Acura MDX Product LampGard® Headlight Protection
hate to say it the material is horrible I have the right lens covered and now may be ruined, the product, plastic adheasive material worked great on the fog/driving lights but the bump of the headlights cannot be properly covered, I am afraid I may need to replace the whole assembly now. I doubt this will apprear online though??? I would love to know how to remove the product asap. also the window vents well they fit fantastic on my 2006 highlander,but on the same mdx the right side doesnot fit at all??? the car was purchased new, I am the first owner ,never a bit of damage but the right side, doesn't fit.

I can see how the LampGards offer increased strength and protection to my plastic lenses.

Name Kelly Hudgens Vehicle 2001 Toyota Tacoma Product LampGard® Headlight Protection
Hello, About a year ago I ordered the WeatherTech Lampguard kit for my 2001 Toyota Tacoma. The ad made them sound great, so I placed an order. When they arrived I was skeptical that these things would really do much good, or that they would actually fit the light assemblies nicely. I threw the package on a shelf and figured that I had wasted some forty dollars, and that I should have known better anyway. Recently, when I needed something to do, I decided that I would install them and take my chances. Boy was I wrong! These things softened right up with a little heat, they stuck and moulded right on to fit like a glove! They were a little cloudy at first but, as you promised, they have become crystal clear. I can see how the Lampguards offer increased strength and protection to my plastic lenses. This note is just to say Thanks for supplying a good product! I am a happy customer! Kelly Hudgens