Very Nice!

Name: Jeffrey Brower
Vehicle: 2016 Chevrolet Silverado

I purchased the Weathertech bug deflector because it mounted without drilling and required no double-sided tape to install. The fit is perfect, the installation was simple. The diamond-pearl color is a $1000 option so I had to protect the hood! I also purchased the Tech-shade sunshade for the windshield. It was a perfect fit and construction is heavy-duty. Thank you Weathertech!

Not on par with other WeatherTech products

Name: Dale Webb
Vehicle: 2016 RAM Ram 2500/3500

I had a 2015 RAM 2500 that I put RAM mud flaps on last year. They were OK, but they cost $50 for just the rear. So, I just upgraded to a 2016 RAM 2500 and decided to try WeatherTech mud flaps because 1, they were $10 cheaper than RAM flaps and 2, because of how much I liked my other WeatherTech products. Unfortunately, the flaps just aren't that impressive - the fit around the wheel well is fair at best, as is the fit under the fender - the whole flap really looks just like a good Universal flap. Instruction sheet was somewhat comical too in that after I think the 6th step, which was removal of existing hardware, the next step was "congrats, you're finished." There was a reference to separate installation instructions but I didn't see anything like that. Fortunately, the screw holes lined up so it's stupid proof. These do appear longer than the RAM mud flaps which is a good thing. Not sure if I'll return or not.

Great product, easy to install!

Name: Richard Smith
Vehicle: 2000 ALL UNIVERSAL

A great product, we are very happy with everything involved. From ordering the product, tech support, and phone conversations with Melissa. The entire installation took about five hours. Is was a snap (pun intended) to put together, I'd recommend this product to all my friends. Thank you Melissa for all of your assistance.

User friendly product

Name: Paul Roy
Vehicle: 2000 ALL UNIVERSAL

After a lot of research on what to do for my garage floor we decided to go with the TechFloor. The Representative(Melissa Grady) from TechFloor helped us through the process and floor plan with a list of exactly what we needed so there was no waste. The floor was amazingly easy to put down and we really had fun doing it. I would recommend this TechFloor to anyone looking to really spruce a floor.

Fits Perfect

Name: Richard Kosi
Vehicle: 2015 RAM Promaster City

All I can say is Fast Shipping and a Great Product. I was very happy to" FINDLY" buy something made in the USA...The units looked good and fit the van perfect...Easy installation and a great Price....Keep up the good work...