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Product: Gift Bag

Part Number: 9AFLGBB1

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Make the perfect gift even better with worry-free wrapping, a gift bag exclusively made for WeatherTech® FloorLiner™ and Floor Mat boxes.

Made in the USA from high quality American soft Spandex cotton fabric, our gift bag is plush yet strong.  Features a scalloped top and white pull rope to completely and securely cover the entire box.  We have included a WeatherTech® 3"x5" "To/From" card that easily attaches to the package for further personalization.  Also included is a storage bag which keeps the gift bag clean when not in use (red bags only).  This gift bag is designed to fit all sizes and shapes of our FloorLiners™.  In most cases the full FloorLiner™, All-Weather Floor Mat and AVM All-Vehicle Mats boxes. In most cases the full FloorLiner™ box will fit into the bag, however our largest box will not.  In that case, we recommend you remove the FloorLiners™ from the box, and place them directly into the bag.

WeatherTech® Gift Bags are reusable!

- Gift wrap large items
- Handy, durable storage bag for large items
- Laundry bag while traveling

Make sure to watch our video!  We will show you how easy and fast it is to wrap your FloorLiner™ box with a WeatherTech Gift Bag!

This item does not have a warranty.