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StainlessFrame™ License Plate Frame

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  • Stainless License Plate Frame BY WEATHERTECH
  • PlateSpacer™ Gasket Support  BY WEATHERTECH
  • Chrome Caps hide mounting hardware BY WEATHERTECH
  • Stainless License Plate Frame BY WEATHERTECH
  • Stainless License Plate Frame BY WEATHERTECH
  • StainlessFrame™ License Plate Frame BY WEATHERTECH
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The WeatherTech® StainlessFrame License Plate frame is a highly polished solid Stainless Steel License Plate Frame, engineered for ultimate vehicle protection and license plate support. The StainlessFrame also features a PlateSpacer® gasket that supports and keeps the license plate away from the car body

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Product Information

StainlessFrame License Plate Frame

Manufactured in America from highly polished T-304 Stainless Steel, the StainlessFrame will surely make a statement on any car you own.   The PlateSpacer® gasket supports and keeps plate away from car body.   Comes complete with Chrome Caps that hide the mounting hardware, and a 3 year limited warranty. 

StainlessFrame License Plate Frame Features:

  • Solid Stainless Steel T-304 Mirror-Polished License Plate Frame
  • PlateSpacer® gasket supports plate and frame away from car body
  • Attractive statement piece for virtually any vehicle
  • Chrome Caps to hide mounting hardware

StainlessFrame™ License Plate Frame Educational Videos

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Warranty & Installation Instructions

WeatherTech® StainlessFrame™ is guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase. Exclusions to this warranty are collision damage, wear due to severe abrasive conditions, adverse chemical exposure or stains from rusty hardware or license plates. We are reasonable people and we believe in customer satisfaction. Depending on the situation, we will either replace your StainlessFrame at no charge or charge you a prorated amount for a replacement.