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PetSTEP® Pet Ramp

PetSTEP® Folding Pet Ramps were designed for the comfort of our furry friends and their handlers.

"How The Pets Go"

The PetSTEP® and HalfSTEP® were created with superior design and quality for those pet lovers who need a ramp for their higher vehicles, vans or stair replacement. The versitility of its unique design lends well to applications such as a table for field grooming, tailgating, picnicking and garden work with optional legs kit installed.


66222_GraphitePetSTEP® Features:

  • Light weight (18.5 pounds)
  • Portable (balanced ergonomic handles on both sides)
  • Easy to operate (simply unfold and place on surface to be used)
  • Strong Polypropylene & glass fiber with stainless steel connecting rod
  • Well engineered
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Will never rust or corrode
  • Ribbed, non slip surface
PetSTEP® Benefits:
  • Prevents back strain from lifting a 30+ pound dog into and out of a vehicle
  • Prevents injury to dogs being lifted in and out of vehicles
  • Older dogs can travel with owners
  • Ideal for short legged heavy or shorter pets
  • Reduces trauma to dogs with Osteo Arthritis and/or Dysplasia
PetSTEP® if you've got an SUV or large expanse to bridge. It measures 5'10" (70 inches) unfolded, a manageable 35 inches folded.
HalfSTEP® is just that - half the size. Measuring 38 inches, and weighing in at 11.5 pounds, the HalfSTEP® is perfect for a minivan, car, pickup, couch or bed.

Optional Accessories:
Legs Kit
Turn your PetSTEP® into a Utility Table! Kit contains four aircraft aluminum legs and twelve fiddle screws for easy installation. Legs Kit vaults your PetSTEP® to a height of 28 inches when attached. Ideal for grooming, utility table, picnic table, potting table or any other use when a portable table is needed!




Great For SUV's & Mini-Vans

The PetSTEP® is the ideal aid for helping your pet enter and exit your vehicle.

Comfortable for Pets

Ribbed, non-slip surface makes the perfect grip for your pets.

Very Durable

Made from strong polypropylene and glass fiber.

Older Dogs Can Now Travel

Make your old dog feel young again with the PetSTEP®.

HalfSTEP® Ramp

Also avialable as a HalfSTEP® ramp for shorter steps or smaller pets.

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