Billet BumpStep® Helps Prevent Bumper Damage

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Billet BumpStep®

It's HEAVY! It's HANDMADE in America! It's SOLID. It's COOL, and it's the best step-bumper protector you can buy. Billet BumpStep®.



We make the Billet BumpStep® in our tool room in Downers Grove by American Machinists on American made CNC machines

First, we start with a 36.5 pound solid billet of aluminum.  Then, many hours are spent sculpting the WeatherTech® BumpStep® in multiple CNC machines.  Custom fixtures had to be made, programs written, specialized cutters purchased, all to make the best bumper protector/step in the world.  If you are into American craftsmanship, the WeatherTech® BumpStep® is for you!

Fits any vehicle with a standard 2" receiver hitch.
The billet aluminum BumpStep
® is hard-coat anodized in Silver for corrosion resistance and scratch protection, and you can have any color as long as it is Silver.



Why get a BumpStep® ?

Well, it's simple; Protection against bumps from other motorists while parallel parking or at a traffic light.  A couple of years ago I was at a traffic light near our WeatherTech® factory and the lady in her GMC Envoy bumped me lightly and scratched my bumper.  It was purely cosmetic, but I really try to take care of my SUV and I HAD to get it fixed.  In my world, I want the bumper taken off the car, fully sanded down to the original primer and then repainted properly. $800 and two trips to the body shop later, my bumper looked perfect again.  Had I had a WeatherTech® BumpStep® , the only damage to anyone's bumper would have been hers and most likely nothing significant to my hard-coat anodized BumpStep®.






Another wonderful feature of the WeatherTech® BumpStep® is when I accidentally bump something like the wall behind my house. If it's my bumper that touches the wall, well that just ruin's my day. If I have the WeatherTech® BumpStep® installed and it takes the hit, I smile as I feel kind of smart for having it.











Another "danger zone" is parallel parking. So many people "drive by braille" meaning that they don't stop until they bump into your vehicle's bumper as they try to fit into a parking spot that isn't quite big enough to match their lack of parallel parking skill.  Two hours later, you come out to find your bumper is all messed up.  That just pisses me off, and if you have read this far, probably you too.  I have a WeatherTech® BumpStep® on my daily driver SUV and it actually gives me peace of mind when I'm parked or at a traffic light.







Finally, the "step" part of BumpStep® allows you to stand on the step, so you can load a roof rack, load a bike or kayak or simply reach higher when hand washing your roof area.
The bottom line is that if you have a 2" square receiver hitch, and you even remotely want to take care of and protect your vehicle, a BumpStep® is an absolute necessity.
Currently available in the impossibly cool and expensive solid aluminum billet version at $399.95 each. 
I have to say it like it is…If you have a 2" square receiver hitch and you don't have a WeatherTech® BumpStep® installed in it, what are you thinking!
Made in very limited quantities.  Reserve yours today.