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OutdoorMat for Home and Business

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  • OutdoorMat for Home and Business BY WEATHERTECH
  • Outdoor mat WeatherTech BY WEATHERTECH
  • OutdoorMat for home and business BY WEATHERTECH
  • OutdoorMat for home and business BY WEATHERTECH
  • OutdoorMat for home and business BY WEATHERTECH
  • OutdoorMat for home and business BY WEATHERTECH
  • OutdoorMat for home and business BY WEATHERTECH
  • OutdoorMat for home and business BY WEATHERTECH
  • OutdoorMat for home and business BY WEATHERTECH
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OutdoorMat is the perfect addition to your home or business' exterior entryway. Through its clever design, the OutdoorMat contains semi-rigid cones to remove mud and debris from footwear. It also features an underside that helps keep the mat grounded in the toughest of weather conditions. The OutdoorMat is made in the USA from 100% recyclable resin.

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An outdoor mat is never JUST an outdoor mat when it is designed, engineered and manufactured by WeatherTech. We took the same technology that we use for our precision engineered automotive accessories and developed a premium OutdoorMat to fit the needs of busy doorways.

Made from 100% recyclable resin, the WeatherTech OutdoorMat features a specially designed scraper edge combined with semi-rigid cones to remove debris from shoes. Perimeter vents surround the edges to allow liquids to drain from the mat with ease. Its robust design enables the OutdoorMat to stay-put and lay-flat. The attractive appearance of the WeatherTech OutdoorMat makes it the perfect and exceptionally functional accessory for any doorway - from busy businesses to a household of outdoor lovers, it will stand the test!

The height of the OutdoorMat is 0.42 inches.

Please note that the on-screen color representations are not necessarily precise representations of actual product colors due to variance in monitor calibrations.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

WeatherTech Direct, LLC warrants that our products will be free from any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for the life of the original purchaser and only for the original vehicle they were installed in. Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.

We are reasonable people and we believe in true customer satisfaction. Depending on the circumstance, we will either replace your product at no charge, charge you a prorated amount for a replacement, or issue a full or prorated refund. Our goal is to keep our customers happy for a lifetime and always reach a fair resolution to any issue.


2014 Dodge Charger OutdoorMat for Home and Business
A must for grilling
Name: Mike
I've always struggled to find a reliable mat for my grilling needs - especially one that doesn't blow away or lose its composition over time... This mat is perfect. It doesn't get slick if food or oils spills on it, it's held up against some nasty weather conditions, and it's super easy to clean. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a multipurpose mat -I have the 24x39, which fits my Weber Summit perfectly. 
2014 Toyota Corolla OutdoorMat for Home and Business
No More Mess!
Name: Jennifer
This mat does a great job trapping everything from mud to grass to leaves to twigs. We live near a wooded area, so we are always trekking in all sorts of muck. We also tend to get a lot of crazy weather in our area, so we needed something heavy that wouldn't blow away or get destroyed by salt from snowfalls - the mat is still standing strong. It's simple to clean too. We definitely plan on purchasing another for the back door. Thanks WeatherTech!

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