MudFlaps Testimonials

Not on par with other WeatherTech products

Name: Dale Webb
Vehicle: 2016 RAM Ram 2500/3500

I had a 2015 RAM 2500 that I put RAM mud flaps on last year. They were OK, but they cost $50 for just the rear. So, I just upgraded to a 2016 RAM 2500 and decided to try WeatherTech mud flaps because 1, they were $10 cheaper than RAM flaps and 2, because of how much I liked my other WeatherTech products. Unfortunately, the flaps just aren't that impressive - the fit around the wheel well is fair at best, as is the fit under the fender - the whole flap really looks just like a good Universal flap. Instruction sheet was somewhat comical too in that after I think the 6th step, which was removal of existing hardware, the next step was "congrats, you're finished." There was a reference to separate installation instructions but I didn't see anything like that. Fortunately, the screw holes lined up so it's stupid proof. These do appear longer than the RAM mud flaps which is a good thing. Not sure if I'll return or not.

Superior product. Resilient to major damage.

Name: Arn C.
Vehicle: 2000 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550

I purchased and installed a set of Weathertech mudguards on my 2000 Ford F250 about a year and 1/2 ago. The installation was easy and the guards looked and worked great. I use the truck mostly for hauling my slide-in truck camper around. Last week, while driving on I-10 east of Houston, TX I experienced a tire blowout. I had been travelling at about 68mph when the tire blew, sending tire tread into all parts of the underside of my truck. Considerable damage was done to the metal box of the truck as well as to my camper tie downs. The brunt of the force seemed to be at the point of the attachment of the mudguard. After I had stopped the truck and safely gotten it off of the road, I went back to the scene to see if there any salvageable parts. To my astonishment, I found my mudflap and it was in near perfect condition! I will remount it after the box is repaired. Superior product!

Best option period

Name: Eric Burney
Vehicle: 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

I bought a set of front and rear mud flaps. Just like all WT products, they look great and work better than any other option out there. They also look OEM and add to the Raptor's good looks. No more mud, rocks or road debris on my Raptor. PS. I'm not sure why they made a "mid-flap" since the fronts do such an excellent job !?


Name: Michael Siverling
Vehicle: 2016 Chevrolet Colorado

Purchased front and rear set. Very easy to install. The fit-up to my truck is excellent. Looks like stock equipment. Very happy my mudflap selection was WeatherTech. I feel my money was well spent. Would highly recommend this product.


Name: Sheila Gau
Vehicle: 2011 GMC Sierra / Sierra Denali

Had to make the bottom hole on the driver side mud flap ( that the bolt went through) about 1/8 of an inch bigger. But other than that they are perfect!