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TechShade® Windshield and Side Window Sun Shade

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TechShade<sup>®</sup>  BY WEATHERTECH
Shown on a Ford Taurus BY WEATHERTECH
TechShade<sup>®</sup>  BY WEATHERTECH
WeatherTech TechShade BY WEATHERTECH
TS_Kit_Ford_Escape_17_Front BY WEATHERTECH
TechShade<sup>®</sup>  BY WEATHERTECH
TechShade_Snow_Flipped_cropped BY WEATHERTECH
WeatherTech TechShade BY WEATHERTECH
TechShade<sup>®</sup>  BY WEATHERTECH
TechShade storage BY WEATHERTECH
WeatherTech TechShade BY WEATHERTECH
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2004 Cadillac Seville
Part Number: TS0501
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WeatherTech WeatherTech New TechShade® Cadillac 2004 Seville TechShade® TS0501 TS0501 787765921282 TechShade is a custom fit windshield and window sun shade that protects your vehicle's interior from harmful UV rays. Its clever design helps keep interior temperatures cool in the summer or flip it around and help prevent frost build-up in the winter.
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Product Information


TechShade Windshield Sun Shades are custom fit for each vehicle, and when properly installed, will remain snug in each window opening. For added security, fold down the visors to hold Techshade in place.

Full Vehicle Kits

TechShade full vehicle kits help keep your entire vehicle's interior temperatures down while protecting it from the sun's damaging effects. TechShade full vehicle kits include 4 or 8 pieces depending on the vehicle model.
**Full vehicle kits are only available in select vehicles.

Dual-Purpose Design

Its dual-purpose design helps keep vehicles cool in the summer, and in the winter, also helps warm up interiors and avert frost build-up.

Cools in Summer

The Product Development team here at WeatherTech put the TechShade to the test and performed a series of "Hot and Cold Tests" simulating some of the hottest and coldest months of the year. In the summer months, when temperatures can soar into the triple digits, the TechShade significantly reduces the temperature of your vehicle's dashboard and steering wheel.

Heats in Winter

In those freezing winter months, flip the TechShade around to its dark surface and it will help attract the sunlight, warm up your vehicle's windshield/interior and avert frost build up.

Sturdy Core

Each TechShade features a foam core, which makes for easy handling and a sturdy fit in vehicle windows and windshields.

Effortless Storage

TechShade can easily be rolled up and stored with the help of its hook and loop strap system. Specially-designed storage bags are also available for purchase.


TechShade: Product Development Overview

WeatherTech TechShade & TechShade Full Vehicle Kit

Hot Seat TechShade Commercial

TechShade Sales Video


Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

WeatherTech Direct, LLC warrants that our products will be free from any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for the life of the original purchaser and only for the original vehicle they were installed in. Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.

We are reasonable people and we believe in true customer satisfaction. Depending on the circumstance, we will either replace your product at no charge, charge you a prorated amount for a replacement, or issue a full or prorated refund. Our goal is to keep our customers happy for a lifetime and always reach a fair resolution to any issue.


2016 Chevrolet Silverado TechShade<sup>®</sup>
Works Great
Name: Brandon B.
Vehicle: 2016 Chevrolet Silverado
The WeatherTech sun visor works and fits great! I have the visor for both mine and my wife's car.
2016 Toyota Tundra TechShade<sup>®</sup>
Batman have this Techshades
Name: Alexis Zavala
Vehicle: 2016 Toyota Tundra
Awesome Shades for my Tundra, I got the full vehicle kit , the shades fits perfectly fine on all my windows, is Pitch black inside , got this to protect not just my leather seats, I believe that will protect from any intruder to see inside my belongings and also will protect my babies when the sun is in front of their eyes when facing backwards. I totally recommend it.


Is it custom fit?
Yes, the TechShade is designed specifically for each application.
How does it stay in place once it is installed?
TechShades are custom designed fit to each vehicle and when properly installed, remain snugly in place until removed.
What holds it on the side windows of my truck?
The TechShades for the side windows are held in place by friction.
What is a “mounted sensor” and what does it look like?
Many vehicles are equipped with Lane Sensors (aka Collision Avoidance System) or Rain Sensors that automatically activate windshield wipers at the first sign of rain. This sensor is typically located below the rear-view mirror.
Why don’t you offer full kits for my vehicle?
The application list will continue to expand based on customer requests. You may place a request here (link to Product Update Form)


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