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BumpStep - Hitch Mounted Step and Bumper Protection

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  • BumpStep - Hitch Mounted Step and Bumper Protection BY WEATHERTECH
  • BumpStep - Hitch Mounted Step and Bumper Protection BY WEATHERTECH
  • BumpStep - Hitch Mounted Step and Bumper Protection BY WEATHERTECH
  • BumpStep Hitch Pin BY WEATHERTECH
  • BumpStep Hitch Pin BY WEATHERTECH
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BumpStep is a trailer hitch mounted bumper protector that defends your bumper against rear end accidents, dents and scratches. BumpStep can also be used as a step to reach the top roof of your vehicle.


Product Information


Introducing the injection molded WeatherTech BumpStep and yes, it is proudly made in America!  It is the best step-bumper protector available, next to our Solid Aluminum Billet BumpStep. 

We made the tooling for the injection molded BumpStep in our tool room located in Downers Grove, IL by American Machinists on American made CNC machines.  BumpStep is molded out of a proprietary resin in our manufacturing facility located in Bolingbrook, IL, and fits any vehicle with a standard 2" receiver hitch. 

Why get a BumpStep?

Well, it’s simple, protection against bumps, dents and scratches to your vehicle’s bumper.  Careless drivers can bump, knock and crash without care into your back bumper. With the BumpStep, you will have the reassurance of bumper protection from other motorist’s mistakes and small accidents from backing up.  As a vehicle owner that takes pride in your investment, scratches and dents to your bumper are as much of an eyesore as a ding to your door and BumpStep helps prevent having to get your bumper repaired.  As the "step" portion of its name describes, BumpStep  also allows you to safely stand on the step (up to a 300lb max) for everyday tasks such as loading a roof rack, racking a bike or kayak or washing the upper area of your vehicle.

Hitch Pin Options:

Stainless 5/8" Hitch Pin
  • Machined stainless steel construction of the lock screw and clip will not rust
  • Theft deterrent design secures pin in receiver to help prevent theft of your BumpStep, Bike Carrier, etc.
  • For all 2" receivers
Standard 5/8" Hitch Pin
  • Plated steel with coated handles on both pin and clip for grip and comfort
  • For all 2" receivers
  • Imported

BumpStep - Hitch Mounted Step and Bumper Protection Educational Videos

BumpStep Dings, Dents & Scratches Promotional Video

BumpStep Commercial

BumpStep Promotional Video


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Prevented rear-ended bumper damage as advertised.
Name: Eric R L
Vehicle: 2015 Nissan Frontier
On 7/3/2015 at 8:54am, my brand new Nissan Frontier was rear-ended by a dodge Magnum at a STOP sign. I was impressed that only the Patented BumpStep was destroyed and my chromed bumper was not even scratched. Thank You Weathertech. The offending drivers insurance company replaced my beloved BumpStep
2013 Ford Explorer BumpStep - Hitch Mounted Step and Bumper Protection
MY 6 day old grandson slept thru the hit from the rear
Name: Barbara Pedevillano
Vehicle: 2013 Ford Explorer
I was taking my daughter and 6 day old grandson to the doctors for followups. While sitting at a stop light I was rear ended by driver behind me. I definitely felt the impact but it was absorbed mostly by the bumper guard. When i got out to examine the damage there was no damage to my bumper (although she did break the bumper guard in 2 when she hit me) and it was in her front grill. My daughter said the baby never opened his eyes - he slept thru the whole thing. Had the police and EMT's respond they checked my grandson out and said he was fine. Thanks WeatherTech I am not only going to replace this damaged one but buying one for my daughters car and the nannies car.

Warranty & Installation Instructions

WeatherTech BumpStep is fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product and specifically excludes damage caused by impacts, damage from car wash chemicals, etc.

Note: If your BumpStep has been involved in an impact or accident it is important to have it inspected for cracks or fractures prior to placing any weight or loads upon it. Please send it to WeatherTech, BumpStep Inspection, 1 MacNeil Court, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 and we will be happy to inspect it and advise you if it needs to be replaced.