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Product: Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans

Vehicle: Buick 2008 Lucerne

Part Number: 40463

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Cargo Liners

WeatherTech® Cargo Liners provide complete trunk and cargo area protection.  Our Cargo Liners are digitally designed to fit your vehicle and feature a raised lip to keep spills, dirt and grease off your vehicle’s interior, protecting your investment from normal wear and tear.

Made from a proprietary custom blended TPE that is not only wear resistant, but also remains flexible under temperature extremes.  WeatherTech® Cargo Liners feature a textured finish that helps to keep cargo from shifting.  Perfect for hauling just about anything from gardening supplies to construction materials, even the family pet.

WeatherTech® Cargo Liners meet FMVSS302 standards.  Cargo Liners are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured with American made tooling in the USA.  Available for car trunks, minivans and SUVs in Black, Tan or Grey.

Cargo Liners Offer:

  • Interior protection from all types of wear and tear
  • Custom molded specifically for your vehicle
  • Easy installation
  • High outside lip that helps contain spills
  • Quick and easy cleanup
  • A skid-resistant surface
  • Protects and preserves the cargo area and trunk carpet
  • Toughness and durability

Please note that the on-screen color representations are not necessarily precise representations of actual product colors due to variance in monitor calibrations.

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Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Honda Pilot Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
I love my cargo liner! When I first got my Pilot I had the cargo area constantly covered in old bedspreads and drop cloths. And since we live near the beach, I had to constantly shake them out and then vacuum. Now spring projects and the upcoming beach season will be a breeze or, more precisely, a quick swipe with a whisk broom. I have never owned a vehicle this nice and my WeatherTech Cargo Liner will help me keep it looking like new!
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Saturn Astra Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
My Astra was extremely envious of my husbands Ford Edge. After all, the Edge had the cargo liner WAY before it was available for the Saturn Astra. Still I bade my time and finally, miraculously I spotted it on-line. I eagerly awaited the arrival, like that of our first born and then it arrived. So beautiful, so smooth, so flawless so full of possibilities! It fits like a glove and the joy it has brought is indescribable. My advise...no one should be without one.
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Ford Edge Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
Our dogs always travel with us. Your cargo liner was made to fit perfectly to our Ford Edge. It has saved the interior from muddy feet and wet dogs! Thanks for a great product that is so easy to keep clean, doesn't move out of place, bunch up or flip over. It isn't often you find such a great product at a reasonable price. Congratulations!
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Honda CR-V Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
There is NO reason to buy a manufacturer cargo liner when you can get one from MacNeil (Weathertech). It fits PERFECTLY and is tacky (sticky) enough to keep cargo from sliding around but not so much that you can't get move your luggage/cargo around easily. When my girlfriend bought her '09 Civic the first thing we did was get her a cargo liner and a full set of floor liners.
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Saturn Vue Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
I'm a very day driver, and knew when I got my 08 VUE I was going to have get some floor and cargo covering. I had purchased WeatherTech before, so I look no futher. The product is a perfect fit and looks great. I'll be back...
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
I just traded in my 1996 Tahoe for a new 2008 Z71 Tahoe. My old vehicle had badly stained front and rear carpets from years of neglect. The first thing I did was order a cargo liner and front floor mats. I was pleased with the quality of both products and appreciate that they are made in the USA. They fit perfectly and look like they were a factory installation.
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Ford Edge Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
I have just purchased a new Ford Edge and wanted to protect a couple of area, for long term usage! Needed a Cargo liner for the back and also a bug deflector for the nose of the car. Looked @ accessories from Ford and also went on line for other options. Found your website and a couple of others, but after looking at the pricing, decided to go with WeatherTech! What a GREAT FIND!! Pricing was best, shipment of products was fast, and installation was a breeze! Even the bug deflector was super simple to install!!!! I will be watching for other options to add to my Edge, from WeatherTech, as they come available! Thanks so much for an awesome experience, for the first time out! Barb Allwardt
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Saturn Outlook Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
just after i got the liner i swear i bought a box of laundry detergent and the box bottom busted open the clean up was so much easier than if i had not gotten the liners when i did thanks
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Nissan Xterra Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
I love my Xterra, but was troubled by the rear cargo area, as things back there slipped and crashed into the sides of my vehicle. However, with the cargo liner, products do not slip about.
Name Anonymous Vehicle 2008 Toyota Highlander Product Cargo Liner for Cars, SUV's and Minivans
So far i am very pleased wlth the cargo liner. I am so pleased that i am going to order the floor liner set soon. Another thing they are made in the USA an supporting our workers. Great product. Robert Lincoln

WeatherTech® Cargo Liner is guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase. Exclusions to this warranty are wear due to severe abrasive conditions and chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, etc. We are reasonable people and we believe in customer satisfaction. Depending on the situation, we will either replace your mats at no charge or charge you a prorated amount for a replacement.